About /Paper

Secret Ingredient.

In order to make the best tasting pizza you have to start with the best tasting dough! And in the world of printing, paper is our dough. We start with premium paper that is produced specifically for paper-making and not from illegally deforested trees. From there we apply the ink and the magic starts to happen.

Bright White.

We use premium paper which has a brightness grade of 95+. This bright white papers really helps to bring out the color of your design. Your prints will be looking brighter and more vivid.

Thicker The Better.

Business cards and Postcards are printed on thick 16pt card stock paper. Additional products such as door hangers, greeting cards etc. are also printed on our 16pt paper. Normally business cards are printed on 12pt or 14pt card stock. We use a thicker paper as this creates a much sturdier card and generally much more premium feel.

100lbs Of Goodness.

When it comes to flyers and brochures we print them on 100lbs gloss paper. This paper is substantially thicker than your regular run of the mill paper and is coated with a gloss finish. When combined with our high quality printing, the end result is a visually stunning printout.