It's up to all of us

to do our part in preserving our environment. None of us would ever purposely pollute our own homes with harmful chemicals or leave trash lying around the floors. And our environment should be no different, it's also our home, and we should be doing our part in the preservation of it.

Our environment is our global home. It's why we all run to the beach at the first sign of spring. It's why we lie by a camp fire gazing into the night sky. It's why we travel around the world to see the great canyons, falls and wildlife. It's why it's called the great outdoors. And it's our home. And it should be preserved if for no other reason other than it's just the right thing to do!

Here are printdo, we try to do our part in helping out. Here are some of the things we do.


Soy based inks

We use soy-oil based inks instead of traditional petroleum-based ones. Also known as vegetable-oil ink, soy ink is very safe and environmentally friendly due to its simple compound when compared to its petroleum–based counterpart. Soy ink has many great advantages:
  • It has a distinguishable clearness which allows for brighter colored ink which produces much more vibrant colors.
  • Using a simple process to make the ink, it consumes very little energy which makes it very efficient.
  • Soy ink can also be easily removed from paper, which is helpful in paper recycling, as it’s quicker to process.


Sustainable paper

The main ingredient in any printing process is the paper. We utilize paper that is produced specifically for paper-making and not from illegally deforested trees. Tree farms are used to produce our paper which helps in the conservation of forests and the betterment of wildlife and air quality.


Doing our part

We're always striving to do bigger, better and more impactful things. Lookout for our soon to be launched, innovative 'tree planting' program ;) So not only are we delivering some of the best quality prints, but doing so in a manner that's gentle and safe and one that mother nature would surely approve of.